Evol Butternut Squash & Sage Ravioli Review

Evol Butternut Squash & Sage Ravioli

There’s nothing like the feeling of biting into a ravioli noodle filled with warm, perfectly seasoned squash. Butternut squash ravioli might be a little difficult to prepare at home, but thankfully, the folks at Evol have come to the rescue. Their frozen Butternut Squash & Sage Ravioli is sure to hit the spot.

Some frozen pasta dishes have issues with texture; this isn’t a problem with this one. The ravioli tastes like it was freshly prepared, and the squash inside of it is delectable. The sage and garlic sauce is also very nice. It enhances the ravioli but doesn’t overpower it. It’s the perfect sauce for a dish like this.

Evol Butternut Squash & Sage Ravioli

However, this ravioli isn’t without it’s flaws. The kale is a little dry, even when soaked in garlic sauce. The tomatoes are alright, but they don’t have the same taste as tomatoes that are freshly sliced.

That said, this frozen meal is a treat for anyone that enjoys squash. If you prepare it in the microwave, it’ll be ready in a matter of minutes, and it will taste like it came fresh off the stove. As an added bonus, it’s diet-friendly; it’s only 320 calories and has just 10 grams of fat. Not bad for a pasta dish!

If you’d like to look at the nutritional information more closely, take a look at our scan below:

Evol Butternut Squash & Sage Ravioli

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