Evol Uncured Ham, Egg & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich Review

Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

For those looking for a quick, light microwave breakfast, Evol has a line of breakfast sandwiches designed to fill the most common of early-morning cravings. The Uncured Ham, Egg & Cheddar was the first one we tried here at Freezr Meal Frenzy.

Since this was our first attempt, we decided to follow the package directions to the letter. We cut open the sides of the packaging and microwaved it for a minute and 45 seconds. What resulted was a mess. The cheese stuck to the package, moisture pooled up beneath the sandwich, and the plastic of the packaging began to melt. We started over, this time removing the package completely before putting the sandwich in the microwave, and we had much better results.

At first glance, the sandwich doesn’t have a lot of defining characteristics that set it apart from other breakfast sandwiches except maybe the wheat flatbread.

Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

The egg feels a bit rubbery to the touch instead of the porous feel of high-quality egg bake. Knowing Evol’s usual high standards of quality, this came as a surprise. The ham also was a bit too rubbery, more difficult to chew through than it should have been.

Despite the unpleasant feel of the thing, the taste was actually halfway decent. Perhaps this is due to the two pieces of wheat flatbread this whole thing sits between, or maybe it’s just because ham, egg, and cheddar is pretty hard to mess up.

The Uncured Ham, Egg & Cheddar breakfast sandwich is by no means a perfect breakfast, but it’s not half bad — it will do in a pinch.

For full ingredients and nutrition info, see our package scan below

Evol Uncured Ham & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

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