Evol Burrito Review: Egg & Green Chile

Evol Egg & Green Chili Burrito

Evol’s lineup of breakfast burritos can be hit or miss, but the Egg & Green Chile Burrito doesn’t mingle with them. (On Evol’s site, this burrito is actually filed under “Classics” instead of “Breakfast Burritos,” perhaps because that’s how much confidence Evol has in he merits of this burrito.)

The bulk of this burrito’s filling is potato, green chile stew, and scrambled eggs. The potato gives it some bulk, while the green chile gives it some kick. We actually found it to be a touch spicier than the Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg (though still not as spicy as the Spicy Steak Big Burrito.)

Evol Egg & Green Chili Burrito

To bring this breakfast concoction deeper into the realm of the classic frozen burrito, there are also pinto beans and cheddar cheese. These round out the flavor, and may even make you forget about the scrambled eggs entirely. Perhaps this is why Evol hasn’t filed it under “Breakfast Burritos.”

Either way, the Egg & Green Chile Burrito is a great way to start the morning. Pair it with a glass of organic milk and you’re good to go.

To see the full ingredients and nutrition info, see our package scan below.

Evol Egg & Green Chili Burrito

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