Evol Burrito Review: Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg

Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito

Evol’s line of breakfast items has been pretty good to us here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. Their Uncured Ham & Egg breakfast burrito, for example, was a big hit with us. So we decided to venture further into this line of products, which brings us to the Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg breakfast burrito.

The full name of this burrito is actually Spicy Uncured Bacon, Egg, Roasted Potato, Jalapeño & Cheddar, which perhaps speaks to its lofty ambitions as a roundhouse kick to the face of early-morning hunger.

Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito

Obviously, it doesn’t quite live up to those exaggerated expectations.

Having tried this after the Uncured Ham version, we found ourselves missing the smokey flavor of that burrito. That is, of course, replaced by a hint of spiciness, though this is nowhere near as spicy as Evol’s Spicy Steak Big Burrito.

The Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg is also a bit more filling than the Uncured Ham, and this is thanks in part to the potato chunks that round it out.

While it was a decent breakfast, we couldn’t help but compare it to its closest brother in Evol’s product line, and the Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg is definitely the less desirable burrito. Its redeeming features are the mild spice and the potatoes, so if you’re looking for something along those lines, this is the burrito to pick. For everyone else, though, check out the Uncured Ham & Egg burrito (or its breakfast sandwich version).

For full ingredients and nutrition information, check out our package scan below.

Evol Spicy Uncured Bacon & Egg Burrito

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