Evol Egg White & Spinach Breakfast Burrito Review

Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito

Eating egg whites can be pretty advantageous. When the yolk is removed from an egg, it is free of fat and cholesterol, making whites an ideal food for people with dietary concerns. Egg whites are also loaded with nutrients like protein, calcium, folate, and other valuable vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, removing the yolk can take away from the taste of the egg. A lot of egg white dishes are bland and watery. We were worried the Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito might suffer from the same problem, but when we bit into it, we knew our concerns were misplaced. This burrito is bursting with flavor.

Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito

This burrito is definitely a win in the taste department. It’s packed full of melted cheddar cheese, which compliments the rest of the ingredients perfectly. The texture of both the eggs and the roasted potatoes are excellent; this doesn’t taste like a dish that has come from a freezer. Cilantro and lime juice give the dish a nice kick.

That said, some of the additions make this dish a little less healthy. Egg whites are fat free, but cheese isn’t; this burrito contains 8 grams of fat. However, this burrito might please cheese fans. It’s part of the Evol Lean & Fit line of products, but it certainly doesn’t taste like a diet food.

For an in-depth look at this burrito’s ingredients and nutritional information, check out our scans below:

Evol Egg White & Spinach Burrito

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