Sweet Earth Baja Breakfast Burrito vs. Big Sur Breakfast Burrito

Baja vs Big Sur Breakfast

Sweet Earth has both the Baja Breakfast Burrito and the Big Sur Breakfast Burrito on the market, so we here at Freezer Meal Fenzy decided to pit them against each other in a battle royale for breakfast domination.

First Impressions

Both of these burritos look promising, with package images full of egg and veggie filling. And wait, is that seitan we see in the Baja? Indeed it is. At first glance, the Baja has a slight lead right out the gate.

Vegetarian Friendliness

Will your vegetarian friends be able to partake in this breakfast? In both cases, they will, though the Big Sur is also vegan-friendly, giving it an edge in this category.


Here’s the nutrition info for the Baja:

Sweet Earth Baja Breakfast Burrito

And here’s the Big Sur:

Sweet Earth Big Sur Breakfast Burrito

The Baja is higher in calories, higher in fat, higher in cholesterol, and higher in sodium. It never had a chance against the Big Sur in this category.

The Filling

Of course, everything up until this point has been about the packaging and the promises that packaging makes. But let’s dig inside and see what these guys are made of.

Sweet Earth Breakfast Burritos

While neither of these guys delivers on egg content, the Baja makes up for it with seitan and beans, while the Big Sur comes jam-packed with potatoes. It’s a tough call, but the Baja’s filling looks a little watery, while the Big Sur’s potato stuffing maintains a promising consistency. We’re going to have to give this one — ever so slightly — to the Big Sur.


Okay, so with all of the preliminaries out of the way, the huge factor here is flavor. Which of these guys tastes better?

Well, the Baja over-promises a bit here, with a package that makes this seem like a trip south of the border for your taste buds. Unfortunately, it never lives up to this. It’s surprisingly bland. And we were right on that whole “watery” thing; the filling has a consistency that’s slightly too runny, which makes this whole thing feel a bit cheap.

The Big Sur, on the other hand, lets its flavor do most of the talking for it,a flavor that has completely won us over. Its potato-based filling pairs well with the little bit of egg that is present. While the Big Sur doesn’t necessarily wear it on its sleeve the way the Baja does, there’s some seitan inside hiding among the potato chunks. The whole thing is rounded off with a hint of ginger.


The Baja looks like it has a lot going for it, but when it comes down to flavor, it just can’t compare to the Big Sur’s potato-infused goodness.

If you want more info on these breakfast treats, check out our full review of the Big Sur Breakfast Burrito and the Baja Breakfast Burrito.

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