Evol Chipotle Chicken Big Burrito Review

Evol Chipotle Chicken Big Burrito

At Freezer Meal Frenzy, one of our favorite frozen burritos is Evol’s Sriracha Chicken Big Burrito. We’ve been aware that there was a Chipotle Chicken version, and we’ve been trying to locate one for quite some time now. We doubt this is true for every location, but for our staff in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this was a very hard item to find.

Fortunately, after over a month of searching every grocery store and department store in the area, we were able to locate one for review. Now that we’ve tried it, the Chipotle Chicken Big Burrito doesn’t topple its brother the Sriracha Chicken Big as our favorite item in Evol’s lineup, but it does hold its own.

First off, we didn’t expect this to be spicy, but it definitely was. Not as much as burritos like the Spicy Steak, but enough that spice-ophobes might want to munch with caution.

Evol Chipotle Chicken Big Burrito

A longstanding tradition with Evol’s burrito linuep is keeping the meat portion pretty small. In the cross section above, you’ll see a few bits of shredded chicken along the edges, but it definitely gets lost among the other ingredients.

Thankfully, those other ingredients are pretty great. The pinto beans do a bulk of the flavor work, but there are also bell peppers and corn, which add some nice variation in the texture. As expected, you’ll also find rice with a nice lime zest and cheddar cheese to tie the whole thing together in a melty way.

Our one big complaint (besides how difficult this burrito was to find) is that it lacks the little bit of sweetness that the Sriracha Chicken big has due to its addition of sriracha sauce. And that’s our favorite part of that burrito.

So, while the Chipotle Chicken Big may not be as tasty as the Sriracha Chicken Big, it’s still a delicious burrito at a robust portion size.

Our preferred method of cooking these things is to pull one out of the freezer the night before and stick it in the fridge to thaw overnight. The next day, we preheat the oven to 350 degrees (Fahrenheit), wrap the burrito in tin foil, set it on a cookie sheet and let it cook for 20-30 minutes. (The Evol site recommends 60 minutes, but we’ve never needed that long.) Remember to flip it when it’s about half done. Using this method, the outside of the burrito gets just a little bit crispy, and the filling doesn’t get quite as watery as it does in the microwave.

For full ingredients and nutrition info, please see our package scan below.

Evol Chipotle Chicken Big Burrito

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