Sweet Earth Mushroom Ravioli Review

Sweet Earth Mushroom Ravioli

Sweet Earth’s International line of burritos has become a pretty regular part of the vegetarians on staff at Freezer Meal Frenzy. The Peruvian and Kyoto burritos are great. However, venturing to other segments of the Sweet Earth lineup can be risky. The Kyoto Stir Fry, for example, is pretty disappointing despite how much it has in common with the delicious Kyoto burrito.

So where does Sweet Earth’s Mushroom Ravioli sit with us?

Well, it certainly failed to impress us. It’s a pretty mediocre offering from a company we typically have a lot of affection for.

If you look at the list of ingredients, the first thing listed is water, and it’s pretty clear why when you see how soupy the sauce ends up being. It also lacks flavor. The fine folks at Sweet Earth have tried to mitigate this with a generous portion of herbs, but that doesn’t really make matters any better.

Sweet Earth Mushroom Ravioli

The Tuscan savory grounds that fill each shell don’t have a lot of flavor either, though we have to admit the texture is pretty good for a vegetarian meat substitute.

The worst crime of all? Even though this is labelled as a Mushroom Ravioli, we only found two pieces of mushroom in the entire dish.

Sweet Earth’s Mushroom Ravioli is a dish that makes us wary to experiment with the non-burrito items in the company’s lineup. It’s just too bland and watery, and too willing to skimp on an essential ingredient — one that’s emphasized on the packaging with the largest word on the entire box.

For full ingredients and nutrition information, check out our package scans below.

Sweet Earth Mushroom Ravioli

Sweet Earth Mushroom Ravioli

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