Sweet Earth: The Kyoto Burrito vs. the Peruvian Burrito

Sweet Earth Peruvian vs Kyoto

Sweet Earth’s International Burritos line is sort of like a trip around the world for your taste buds. There are several options inspired by various locales across the globe, such as the Greek or the India-inspired Curry Tiger.

We decided to pit two of our favorites, the Kyoto and the Peruvian, against each other in a battle over international flavor. It was a little tricky, since these two burritos have very little in common, but we took a stab at it anyway. Let’s see how they stack up.

First Impressions

With nothing but the packaging to go on, both of these burritos look exquisite. The Peruvian entices potential feasters with a clever mixof veggies and seitan, while the Kyoto promises shiitake mushrooms and edamame. How are we supposed to choose just one?

Vegetarian Friendliness

Sweet Earth’s full line of products is vegetarian friendly, and neither the Kyoto nor the Peruvian is an exception. However, the Kyoto can be enjoyed in the vegan crowd, while the Peruvian’s goat cheese eliminates it from the vegan category.


Here’s the nutrition information for the Kyoto:

Sweet Earth Kyoto Burrito

And here’s the Peruvian:

Sweet Earth Peruvian Burrito

The Kyoto is lower in calories (280 vs. 340) and total fat (6g vs. 9g), but only by a slim margin. The Kyoto also has virtually no cholesterol, while the Peruvian has a scant 10g. The Kyoto is slightly higher in sodium (690mg vs.  640mg) and quite a bit lower in potassium (310mg vs. 550mg).

All in all, this category is very close, with the Kyoto inching ahead by just a hair.


Once you look inside, any similarities between these two fade away.

Sweet Earth Peruvian vs Kyoto

The Kyoto is packed with edamame, which is a very interesting choice for a burrito. It also includes shiitake mushrooms, adzuki beans, brown rice and more.

The Peruvian, on the other hand, delights with corn, beans, quinoa, and seitan. Oh, and don’t forget the chunks of sweet potato!

Both of these burritos take risks, and both of them are more exciting because of it.


Both of these burritos are delicious. In fact, these are probably the best two entries in Sweet Earth’s arsenal. We want to eat both of them all day long.

The Kyoto is the perfect thing to satisfy that Asian craving without having to run out of the house or fry up some stir fry. The Peruvian’s mix of veggies is virtually perfect, giving it a rich flavor and a great texture.

It’s a razor’s edge photo finish, but we’re going to give the advantage to the Kyoto for the wonderful things it does with its edamame base.


It pains us to make this decision, because it means we can only name one of these as our champion, but the Kyoto has a slight lead. But don’t let that dissuade anyone from trying the Peruvian; it’s also an incredible and creative experiment in international flavor.

For more information on each of these, see our full reviews of Sweet Earth’s Kyoto Burrito and Peruvian Burrito.

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