Evol Egg White, Veggies & Cheese Scramble Cup Review

Evol Egg White, Veggies & Cheese Scramble Cup

Frozen food and breakfast don’t always go well together. There are some spectacular breakfast burritos out there, and some tasty breakfast sandwiches, but early morning options are still fairly limited. Evol is aiming to change that with their Scramble Cups. These cups are easy to prepare and fairly healthy, but are they a good choice for breakfast?

If you start your day off with the Evol Egg White Veggies & Cheese Scramble Cup, you probably won’t be too disappointed. It contains a wide variety of ingredients, and all of them are very appetizing. From potatoes to bell peppers to kale to cheddar cheese, this cup has flavor to spare. Unfortunately, it feels like it’s missing something. What’s there tastes great, but there isn’t really enough of it.

Evol Egg White, Veggies & Cheese Scramble Cup

This cup has fewer calories than Evol’s other scramble cups — just 120 (40 from fat) — and you can really taste the difference. If it was just a little more substantial, the cup would be a perfect morning meal. Throw in a few more potatoes — or some extra egg — and you’d have a hearty, simple breakfast that’s low on calories.

If you’re looking for a light and simple breakfast, this cup might be a great choice for you. You can get in some protein and Vitamin A without consuming too many calories. If you’re seeking out something filling — or satisfying — you may want to look elsewhere.

For a full list of ingredients and nutritional info, check out our package scans below.

Evol Egg White, Veggies & Cheese Scramble Cup

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