Evol Chipotle Chicken & Uncured Bacon Enchiladas Review

Evol Chicken & Uncured Bacon Enchiladas

We’ve been burned on frozen enchiladas before, so we approached Evol’s Chipotle Chicken & Uncured Bacon Enchiladas with tampered expectations. Typically, we love Evol’s products (especially ones with the word Chipotle in the title), but it’s not like there aren’t exceptions; even Evol makes the occasional misstep.

Of course, our first signs weren’t looking good — or smelling good, to be more accurate. The second we pulled this meal out of the microwave, our nostrils were filled with a strange, rubbery aroma. This is going to sound insane, but it smelled a bit like a rubber fishing lure.

But once we skeptically took a first bite, our misgivings began to fade. Despite the odd smell, this enchilada dish doesn’t taste half bad.

Evol Chicken & Uncured Bacon Enchiladas

Enchilada shells can be tricky to pull off in a frozen meal, but these ones are quite alright. Instead of having a chewy texture like some enchiladas on the market, these ones just sort of melt in your mouth. And they’re packed full of chicken, rice, and black beans. This blend is primarily rice, but the bits of seasoned breast and rib meat chicken are tender and delicious.

The package brags about uncured bacon, but we didn’t seem to find any at all. We don’t doubt that they were in there somewhere, but we should be careful to warn those specifically seeking the bacon bits that they might be a little disappointed.

The whole thing is covered in an excellent tomato and cheese sauce, which is quite a bit spicier than we expected. In fact, we would say this is definitely one of the spiciest items in Evol’s frozen food lineup.

If you can get over the weird smell, Evol’s Chipotle Chicken & Uncured Bacon Enchiladas are actually pretty good — they’re better than Evol’s Vegetable Enchiladas for sure. Just don’t put a lot of hope into the bacon part of the meal, since it’s almost non-existent.

If you’re looking for more info, you can check out the full ingredients and nutrition facts on our package scan below.

Evol Chicken & Uncured Bacon Enchiladas

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