Evol Ziti & Meat Sauce Review

Evol Ziti & Meat Sauce

We have a lot of faith when it comes to Evol’s ability to make a great burrito. However, their frozen pasta selection can be hit or miss — we’ve tried their lasagna twice now and we just can’t recommend it over other brands like Good Food Made Simple or even Lean Cuisine.

So we tried to not get our hopes too high for Evol’s Ziti & Meat Sauce. Perhaps on account of these tampered expectations, we found ourselves really enjoying this frozen meal.

When it first comes out of the microwave, the smell of tomato paste and garlic fills the air. It almost smells like a pizza, in fact, and that’s a hard thing to complain about.

Evol Ziti & Meat Sauce

We have to admit that the noodles have a weird plastic taste to them, but this is mostly covered by the flavor of the sauce, which is quite good. It turns out, we were misguided in expecting a watery slosh, the sauce is thick and sticky and full of beef crumbles. It has a great consistency and a great taste, and the meat portion is a bit more generous than we would have expected.

This may not be our favorite frozen pasta dinner, but it’s certainly a competent one. In fact, the Ziti & Meat Sauce is enough to restore our faith in Evol’s pasta dishes.

For complete ingredients and nutrition info, check out our package scan below.

Evol Ziti & Meat Sauce

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