Udi’s Pesto Tortellini Review

Udi's Pesto Tortellini

We love a good pesto sauce, especially when it’s paired with vegetables and fresh pasta. A well-made pesto sauce is fairly mild, but still packed with flavor. It’s the perfect compliment to any pasta dish.

We’ve sampled quite a few pesto dishes here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and Udi’s Gluten-Free Pesto Tortellini might have the best sauce yet. It’s smooth, nutty, and has the kind of complex flavor you’d expect from a restaurant dish.

While the tortellini is a little on the chewy side, the gluten-free pasta is still appetizing. The cheesy ricotta and mozzarella filling more than covers up any issues with the pasta. We quickly devoured every single piece of tortellini and were left wishing for more.

Udi's Pesto Tortellini

Although the broccoli doesn’t look so hot in the picture above, we found it to be quite tasty. The broccoli is cooked, but it still has a little bit of crunch to it. It pairs nicely with the pesto sauce, and it definitely tastes fresh. The tomatoes aren’t plentiful, but they are pretty delicious.

The biggest failing of this dish is that there isn’t enough of it. We still felt hungry when we finished our pasta; we couldn’t help but wish for a few more bites. This meal is a great light lunch, but it might not be the best choice for dinner.

For more information about this dish’s ingredients and nutritional content, check out our scans below.

Udi's Pesto Tortellini

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