Amy’s Breakfast Mexican Bake Review

Amy's Breakfast Mexican Bake

We’re not exactly sure why Amy’s Mexican Bake is labeled as a breakfast dish. The meal contains a lot of the same ingredients as Amy’s Mexican Casserole. There’s nothing here that makes us think “breakfast;” beans, jalapeno peppers, and chiles are something we prefer to save for lunch and dinner. Still, this dish does make for a pretty appetizing meal.

Although there are plenty of similar dishes in the Amy’s Kitchen line-up, there are several things that set this meal apart. One of the things that helps the meal stand out is the potatoes. You don’t usually find roasted potatoes in a dish like this, but they work really well here. They blend beautifully with the spicy sauce and cheese.

Amy's Breakfast Mexican Bake

The picture above might not emphasize just how much cheese there is in this dish. It’s loaded with Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheese; we had chunks of cheese in almost every bite. We love dishes that are both cheesy and spicy, and here, the cheese helps to undercut the kick of the jalapenos.

Of course, more cheese means more calories. This meal contains 450 calories, with 22 grams of total fat. If you’re looking for a light breakfast or lunch, this may not be the right meal for you. We will say that we found this to be very filling. It has enough protein to keep you feeling full for a while.

We can’t recommend this dish for breakfast, but we do recommend it for lunch or dinner. If you like Amy’s other Mexican dishes, you’ll probably like this one too.

For more information about this dish’s ingredients and nutritional content, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Breakfast Mexican Bake


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