Amy’s Paella Review

Amy's Paella

When we saw the Amy’s Kitchen Paella in our freezer aisle, we thought it looked promising. Paella isn’t a dish we get to enjoy very often and having it in frozen form seemed like a treat. Unfortunately, we didn’t find this bowl to be all that satisfying.

The texture of the ingredients in this dish seemed off. The rice was slightly mushy, as were the vegetables. The chunks of tofu were a little too chewy for our tastes. The entire dish seemed like it has been left in the microwave for too long.

Amy's Paella

That said, this dish isn’t a total disaster. The problems lie with the texture of the meal, not the taste. Everything is very well-seasoned; the combination of saffron and smoked paprika gives this dish a nice kick. The only part of this dish that felt bland was the tofu. It didn’t really feel like it had been seasoned at all.

Amy’s Kitchen’s Paella isn’t the great paella dish we hoped it would be. If you’re looking for a frozen paella, we’d recommend trying Sweet Earth Spanish Paella; it’s a much better meal overall. If you have your heart set on this dish, you should be careful when preparing it. Following the microwave instructions will leave you with a mushy mess.

For more about this dish’s ingredients and nutritional content, check out our scans below.

Amy's Paella

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