DiGiorno Five Cheese Pizza Buns Review

DiGiorno Five Cheese Pizza Buns

To prove to the world that they really are the masters of frozen pizza, DiGiorno’s has been expanding their line to other pizza-related items. The Five Cheese Pizza Buns are a neat spin on the formula, though Amy’s Kitchen has also done a fantastic job of working with this same concept (check out their Swirls; they’re great!).

But enough about Amy’s Kitchen’s Swirls; we’re here to taste test DiGirorno’s Pizza Buns and report our findings.

The package includes six pizza buns, but those are divvied up into neat little packets with two each. It’s great if you’re not planing on eating the whole box at once.

DiGiorno Five Cheese Pizza Buns

With several staffers to feed, however, we did go with the full six, which cooked for sixteen minutes at 375 degrees fahrenheit. They came out of the oven looking beautiful and smelling like heaven.

DiGiorno Five Cheese Pizza Buns

Now, don’t be surprised to find out that these things are mostly bun. The pizza filling tends to stay situated in the center, so unless you take enormous bites — and we advise against it, especially if the buns are fresh out of the oven — your first bite will likely be just the doughy outer shell. It’s hard to mind, though, because even the outer crust tastes great.

But it’s the “pizza” part of the equation that brought you here, not the “bun” part, so let’s talk about that. Each bun features a gooey core filled with tomatoes, cheese, and spices. The cheese is a blend of mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, romano, and asiago, though we should point out that the cheese is treated like a seasoning. It won’t be all melty, like the pizza topping, but it will add some flavor to each bun.

In case our previous warning was too subtle, we do want to point out that the center stays piping hot far longer than the outside, so bite with caution.

If you stick with a single serving of two pizza buns, you’re looking at about 200 calories (70 from fat). Of course, that’s a tricky proposition when they taste this good, so it might be more realistic to calculate the full box at 600 calories (210 from fat).

The DiGiorno Five Cheese Pizza Buns are fantastic. If you love their frozen pizza, you owe it to yourself to give these a try.

If you’re curious about the nutrition content or ingredients of this frozen food, check out our package scan below.

DiGiorno Five Cheese Pizza Buns

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