Healthy Choice Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara Review

Healthy Choice Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara

If you’re looking for a quick pasta that you won’t have to feel guilty about on a diet, perhaps Healthy Choice’s frozen food lineup caught your eye. These frozen meals supposedly have great taste with few calories, so we decided to test that claim for ourselves. Their Creamy Spinach & Tomato Linguine was great, so we wanted to test some of their non-vegetarian dishes. This time, we went with the Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara.

One of the interesting thing about Healthy Choice’s Cafe Steamers line is that each meal comes with a strainer inside the bowl so you heat the noodles and the sauce separately, but at the same time.

Healthy Choice Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara

Once you’re done heating up the meal — this one took about five minutes in the microwave — you then dump the contents of the strainer into the bottom dish and stir.

When we first got the Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara mixed together, it looked a little soupy. But after just a minute or two, the sauce thickened up a bit. It wasn’t quite as thick as what’s pictured on the packaging, but it’s not as watery as we expected once we dug in. The sauce also tastes great, and it has a sweetness to it that we really love.

Healthy Choice Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara

The ravioli also tastes pretty good, and the ricotta and asiago cheese blend inside is tasty. There’s also a boatload of spinach. Seriously, we felt like almost half this dish was pure spinach. Popeye would be in Heaven.

This dish could have done without the chicken. It would have then been vegetarian-friendly, and the chicken isn’t very good. In fact, it has an almost fishy taste to it, which is surprising and confusing. Our suggestion to Healthy Choice would be to either remove the chicken entirely or replace it with something a bit higher in quality.

The real reason to eat this dish, of course, is the calorie count. At 270 calories, you won’t need to spend extra time in the gym to burn it all off. For such a low-calorie meal, it’s pretty filling.

Healthy Choice’s Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara tastes quite good considering how few calories it has. We’d like to try a chicken-less version of it though, because that’s definitely the weakest part of this dish.

To learn more about the nutrition content and ingredients of this frozen food, see our package scan below.

Healthy Choice Four-Cheese Ravioli & Chicken Marinara

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