Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie Review

Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie

While we definitely appreciate a nice slice of apple or blueberry pie, our favorite pies are savory. There’s something comforting about biting into a hot pie full of creamy and meaty ingredients. Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie is a pie that’s good enough to satisfy every Freezer Meal Frenzy staffer, from the vegetarians to the meat-lovers.

We opted to heat up this pie in the microwave, and we weren’t disappointed with the results. The crust was flaky, flavorful and buttery, which is just what we’d expect from a pie heated up in the oven. Although this pie was a little messy, we were easily able to slice into it with a fork.

Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie

The filling was also very satisfying. The cream sauce makes this pie feel like a true comfort food. It’s rich, flavorful, and just a little bit sweet; the dish contains organic honey. Carrots and peas aren’t our favorite vegetables, but these ones are very tender, and they definitely work well with this particular pot pie.

Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie

However, the tofu and potatoes are what really make this dish special. When you combine the softness of the potatoes with the creamy sauce, you feel like you’re eating fresh mashed potatoes. Tofu isn’t a pot pie staple, but it definitely feels like it belongs here. The tofu soaks up the flavor from the sauce as the pie cooks, which makes the meal taste pretty amazing.

If you’re watching your intake of sodium, you’ll probably want to avoid this dish. It contains a whopping 590mg of sodium, which is definitely on the high side. It’s best to look at this dish as a comfort food. When you’re too tired or sick to cook, this delicious pot pie will feel you right up. This isn’t something that we’ll eat every day, but it is a nice dinnertime treat.

For more information about our ingredients and nutritional content, check out our scans below.

Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie Amy's Vegetable Pot Pie

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