DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza Review

DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza

DiGirono makes some pretty great frozen pizza. We’ve tried a few of the personal-sized versions of their pizzas, and we haven’t been disappointed yet. The Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza is no exception.

This pizza comes in a box that also serves as a crisping tray. The process is difficult, since the perforations don’t do a whole lot to make it easier to tear apart. We ended up destroying most of the box to get at the crisping tray, so we just put the crisping tray on the plate and tossed this into the microwave.

DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza

This is not the way the folks at DiGiorno intended for this to be cooked. Still, it came out of the microwave looking just fine.

Now, we should point out that while this is a thinner crust than that of their traditional crust pizzas, we really wouldn’t call it crispy. It keeps a soft bottom for the most part, though you might argue that the corners technically do get a tad bit crispy.

Of course, this isn’t an issue for us. We love this pizza. But for some, it might be a bit of a letdown. Those people might be able to get it crispier in the oven, but the crust is thicker than what you’d expect from a standard thin-crust pizza.

DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza

The sausage and pepperoni are great as always. The pepperoni comes out of the microwave a bit softer than it does when it’s cooked in the oven, but that’s okay. We actually prefer the softer pepperoni, though we know a lot of people who would disagree with us on that.

Of course, the real kicker of the supreme pizza is the diced bell peppers. They really make this pizza sing.

Just one last word of caution: the calorie count is pretty high. At 280 calories per serving, and two servings per pizza, this comes out to 560 calories (200 from fat).

While it’s not as crispy as you might expect, DiGiorno’s Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza is an incredible dinner. If you want a true thin-crust pizza experience,  you might have to call in for delivery, and if you’re on a strict diet, you’ll probably be skipping pizza altogether. But for everyone else, this is a pretty great pizza.

To learn more about the nutrition or ingredients found in this frozen pizza, check out our package scan below.

DiGiorno Thin Crispy Crust Supreme Pizza

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