Healthy Choice Sweet & Sour Chicken Review

Healthy Choice Sweet & Sour Chicken

When you think of low-calorie frozen food, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t some delicious, craveable meal. Healthy Choice is looking to change that with their line of reasonably healthy freezer meals, like the Chicken Margherita with Balsamic or the Meatball Marinara.

And with the Sweet & Sour Chicken, Healthy Choice offers an Asian-inspired treat at only 390 calories. While other companies have failed in this exact endeavor, Healthy Choice does pretty well for themselves.

Healthy Choice Sweet & Sour Chicken

Like many of Healthy Choice’s other steamer meals, this one’s ingredients come separated in two parts. The rice, chicken, and veggies sit on top of a strainer, while the sauce rests in a dish underneath. Once you heat it all up in the microwave, simply dump the top strainer portion into the bottom portion and give it a good stir.

Healthy Choice Sweet & Sour Chicken

The chicken portion of this meal is pretty good, though it’s not perfect. We’d actually feel pretty comfortable comparing these breaded chicken chunks to chicken nuggets. They get a little soggy on the outside, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as this allows them to soak up the sauce.

And the sauce really is the standout piece of this meal. While some competitors offer sauce that tastes cheap with an aftertaste a bit like plastic, Healthy Choice’s sweet and sour sauce is great.

There are also huge chunks of bell peppers, which have a nice flavor especially when mixed with the sauce. You might even find a chunk of onion or two. And all of this comes on a bed of white rice, which isn’t the best part of this meal but it’s perfectly fine. And, of course, it’s much better once the sauce is mixed in.

Frozen Asian food can be tricky, but Healthy Choice’s Sweet & Sour Chicken manages to be a pretty great-tasting meal. It’s not as good as something you’d get at an authentic Chinese restaurant, but it’s pretty impressive for a frozen food.

If you want to know more about the nutrition or ingredients in this frozen meal, check out our package scan below.

Healthy Choice Sweet & Sour Chicken

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