Evol Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken Review

Evol Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken

Evol’s frozen food seems to be everywhere these days. Even so, there are some items in their lineup that can be a little hard to find, like the Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken. This is a dish we’ve known about for a while now, but until recently we’d never actually spotted it in the wild.

Now that we’ve tried it, we definitely recommend keeping an eye out for it. We’ve been losing faith in frozen rice-based frozen dishes a little bit lately, but this meal makes us believers again.

First off, the sauce is killer. It has that wonderful island flavor — super sweet but a little spicy as well. It’s a very potent flavor too — even parts of the dish where you swear no sauce has touched will have that lovely taste and smell.

Evol Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken

With Evol’s track record, we didn’t expect there to be a whole lot of chicken in this dish.  They’re not known for cramming vast amounts of the stuff into their dishes, after all. And there really isn’t a lot in this one either. But what is here is incredible. The flavor is rich and the chicken is juicy — this is the best chicken we’ve had in a frozen meal in quite some time.

There are chunks of pineapple mixed in, which keep up the sweetness trend. There’s also a decent amount of edamame — we didn’t expect to like edamame in this dish initially, but were surprised to find it quite lovely. All of this, and more, comes served atop a bed of white rice, which soaks up the sauce really well.

All of this weighs in at about 320 calories (20 from fat) which isn’t bad at all.

Evol’s Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken isn’t the easiest frozen meal to find, but it’s worth the search. You should definitely pick one up if you manage to spot one somewhere.

For more info about the nutrition value and ingredients of this frozen food, check out our package scan below.

Evol Hawaiian Style Grilled Chicken

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