Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken Review

Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken

Asian-style frozen food can be hit or miss. While we’ve definitely tried some real winners, most of what we’ve tasted has been bad to mediocre. We hoped Healthy Choice’s Sweet Sesame Chicken would be on the better end of that scale, but it’s actually a pretty middle-of-the-road meal that could have done a few things better.

Like other dishes in the Cafe Steamers line, the Sweet Sesame Chicken comes with a little divider that keeps the sauce and the rest of the dish separate while heating.

Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken

For, say, a pasta dish, this tends to work out pretty well. Here, however, it’s a bit of a problem. In a dish like this, it seems you would want the sauce to cover the chicken primarily. With the sauce in the bottom of the bowl, which you’ll dump the rest of your ingredients into, you don’t really have a lot of control over where the sauce ends up. It pretty much mixes into everything. There’s no way to re-create that beautiful meal in the box image without grabbing an extra bowl.

And this is doubly a problem because it seems like there just isn’t enough sauce to go around. The sauce is fantastic — it has a nice, sweet flavor, as promised — but there should have been more of it. And where are those sesame seeds? We hardly found any in our bowl, and that was mostly at the end. They tend to sift downward into the mix instead of stick to the chicken where they belong. This is another problem caused by the reliance on the strainer.

Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken

The chicken isn’t great either, and that’s where this meal really starts to fall apart. It has a weird texture to it, and the consistency feels almost more like tofu than legitimate chicken.

The best part of this dish is the snap peas. Those taste fresh and delicious, and while there’s not an enormous portion of them, we’d say it’s about equal to the chicken portion. The carrots aren’t bad either.

We really can’t recommend this frozen meal. It’s not terrible, but we just have too many quibbles. Better chicken would have been a great place to start. More sauce — and a better sauce solution — would have made this one a lot closer to what we were hoping for. Healthy Choice has better Asian-inspired food in their lineup, so you can check those out instead.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients or nutrition info in this frozen food, check out our package scan below.

Healthy Choice Sweet Sesame Chicken

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