Amy’s Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap Review

Amy's Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap

We’re always surprised by how enormous the Amy’s Kitchen frozen food lineup actually is. We’ve been reviewing these meals for a year now, and we’re still discovering new things whenever we check out the frozen food aisle at our local grocery store.

So when we stumbled upon the Gluten Free Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap, we couldn’t believe we hadn’t tried it before.

The first time we heated this thing up, we followed the microwave instructions to the letter. This means we put the wrap in between two plates and heated it for a minute and a half, flipped the wrap, then heated it for another minute and a half. However, this led to the wrap sticking to one of the plates and the wrap bursting open. We had to pry half the burrito off one of the plates, and it created a huge mess.

Amy's Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap

So we started over with a second wrap, this time using the oven. While we often tweak the oven instructions a bit for frozen burritos, we decided to stay true to them so we could  see what would happen. As you can see in the image below, this was less of a disaster than our first attempt, but it’s still a bit of a mess.

Amy's Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap

And this is almost certainly due to the gluten-free shell. It just doesn’t have the holding power of a flour tortilla or a wheat wrap. But, for a gluten-free meal, that probably can’t be helped.

At this point, we’ve spent way too much time talking about how messy this wrap can get. It’s time to talk about the flavor, because this thing tastes great.

Amy’s has a knack for making good tofu, and this wrap is no exception. The tofu here has an incredible texture, and you might mistake it for scrambled egg if you’re not paying attention. The garbanzo beans and peas are great as well, though we have staffers who just plain hate peas on account of them being peas. If you don’t hate peas, you’ll find them to be a nice addition to this meal.

There’s a lovely spice to the filling, which is a combination of a lot of things, including garlic, ginger, sea salt, and a hint of jalapeno peppers. There’s even a subtle sweetness, thanks in part to the organic cane sugar.

So, while Amy’s Gluten Free Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap can be a bit of a mess to get onto a plate, it tastes fantastic once it’s there. If you go into this thing with a fork instead of your fingers, we doubt you’ll be disappointed.

If you’re interested in learning more about the nutrition or ingredients in this Amy’s Kitchen wrap, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap

Amy's Indian Aloo Mattar Wrap

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