Evol Lean & Fit Teriyaki Chicken Review

Evol Lean & Fit Teriyaki Chicken

We truly appreciate a low-calorie frozen meal now and again. After all, we tend to eat a lot of frozen food — something we must do to maintain this site, obviously — and it’s always nice to know that what we’re eating isn’t going to make us chubby. (Some of our favorite frozen foods are just loaded with calories, we admit, but we do try to practice moderation.)

So we appreciate Evol’s efforts at creating meals on the healthy side with their Lean & Fit line. But the Lean & Fit Chicken Teriyaki is a missed opportunity.

This dish is about 50% brown rice. That wouldn’t be a huge problem, except this rice is horrible. Even though we followed the directions on the package to the letter, the rice didn’t cook properly and ended up hard and crunchy. In fact, it was barely edible.

Evol Lean & Fit Teriyaki Chicken

And that’s a huge shame, because the rest of this dish is actually pretty good. The teriyaki sauce is delicious. In fact, we expected something quite a bit blander than this considering it’s a low-calorie meal. But this is some quality teriyaki sauce.

The chicken is virtually perfect. This white meat actually tastes fresh; we doubt we’d know this was reheated chicken in a blind taste test. It’s rich and juicy, and the teriyaki sauce is a fantastic complement.

The veggies are pretty great too, and we’re particularly fond of the snap peas. There’s also broccoli, carrots, and bell peppers, all of which are pretty decent.

It’s just too bad, then, that we spent this whole meal trying to eat around the rice, which was lingering at the bottom of the dish, just waiting to ruin every last bite. It also had a tendency to soak up the teriyaki sauce, which left the better parts of the meal with less sauce than we’d have liked.

It’s possible we just got a bad batch. In fact, we hope so, because with some better rice, Evol’s Lean & Fit Teriyaki Chicken would be an incredible low-calorie meal.

While we’ve been let down by plenty of frozen meals in the past, this one was particularly disappointing. We had such high hopes, and this meal came so close to being something special.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients found in this frozen food, check out our package scan below.

Evol Lean & Fit Teriyaki Chicken

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