365 Everyday Value Three Cheese Mini Pizzas Review

365 Everyday Value Three Cheese Mini Pizzas

If you’ve ever wandered around a Whole Foods store, then you’ve likely seen the 365 Everyday Value brand, which contains a robust lineup of frozen food. They make classics like lasagna and mozzarella sticks, and they also make pizza. And speaking of pizza, the meal we’re looking at today falls under that category, but it does offer a fun little twist. Yes, today we’re trying out the Three Cheese Mini Pizzas.

These mini pizzas come with both microwave and oven instructions, but these little guys seemed like they deserved the latter. So we tossed these into the oven for ten minutes and pulled out a delicious-looking surprise.

365 Everyday Value Three Cheese Mini Pizzas

These things get pretty crispy around the edges, but they do stay very soft in the middle. In fact, we’d say perhaps a little too soft — we’d have liked something that had a little more firmness to the bottom.

But they still taste pretty good. The crust is great, with an almost homemade taste to it. The sauce is decent — it has a little bit of sweetness to it, but there isn’t a whole lot of the stuff. It sort of absorbs into the crust, which is why the middles can be a little soggy.

And, of course, these things are topped with three different types of cheese: mozzarella, swiss, and cheddar. The swiss is especially surprising, but it’s a good choice.

The 365 Everyday Value Three Cheese Mini Pizzas make for a pretty good snack. The package says that it should include about 12 of these mini pizzas, and our box included exactly that. One serving is seven, though, so that makes it a little awkward to try to split up correctly between two people or two servings. Still, these little guys are certainly fun to eat.

To see more info about the nutrition and ingredients of these mini pizzas, check out our package scans below.

365 Everyday Value Three Cheese Mini Pizzas

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