Amy’s Black Bean Burrito Review

Amy's Black Bean Burrito

Amy’s Kitchen has an enormous lineup of frozen burritos, which is complicated even further by the fact that there are gluten-free and non-dairy versions of some of them. This line is so expansive, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming to choose one . Thankfully, your friends at Freezer Meal Frenzy are attempting to try every last one and report our findings to our lovely readers.

Today’s choice is the Black Bean Burrito (not to be confused with the Gluten Free Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito).

First off, we should admit that we cooked this burrito in the oven instead of the microwave to avoid any potential sogginess that might hinder our first impression. It came out toasty and crisped around the edges, though some of the filling had burst out of the back of the tinfoil. We cleaned up the spillage and were left with a pretty tasty-looking burrito.

Amy's Black Bean Burrito

This burrito comes wrapped in a whole wheat shell, which is delicious. It cooks well and had a lovely healthy taste to it.

The filling is almost entirely composed of black beans and various veggies. There’s a bit of everything in here, including corn, potatoes, broccoli, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, kidney beans, and tomato purée. It has a nice, earthy taste to it, and the beans give it a bit of that protein oomf that any meatless burrito needs.

It’s not all that big, so it probably won’t fill you up when you’re hungry. There’s 290 calories (80 from fat) so it’s hard to recommend eating two at once. That would add up to almost 600 calories, which is a little hard to justify if you’re on a strict diet.

All in all, we really enjoyed Amy’s Black Bean Burrito. We just wish it would have filled our bellies a little more.

To learn more about the nutrition content and ingredients in this frozen burrito, check out our package scans below.

Amy's Black Bean Burrito

Amy's Black Bean Burrito

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