Dan’s Gourmet Mac Attack Macaroni & Cheese Review

Dan's Gourmet Mac Attack Macaroni & Cheese

Obviously, we’ve eaten quite a bit of frozen macaroni and cheese here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. We’ve found some real winners — as well as some losers — in our hunt for great mac and cheese, and we’re really growing to appreciate Dan’s Gourmet for their high-quality takes on the dish.

Today, we’re happily checking out the Mac Attack Macaroni & Cheese by Dan’s Gourmet.

As you can see in the image below, this dish uses bow tie pasta, which is an interesting choice for a mac and cheese.

Dan's Gourmet Mac Attack Macaroni & Cheese

But it’s a good choice. The shape of the noodle complements the “adult” feel of this dish — it’s like it got all dressed up for us. It’s also kind of fun to eat (though we think spirals are the most fun a macaroni noodle can have).

The sauce is incredible. It’s less cheesy than a traditional mac, and it has a meaty, savory flavor. This is partially because of the pork shoulder sausage, which also adds some nice texture to the dish. There’s habanero pepper in this sausage as well, but this isn’t a spicy meal at all. In fact, we didn’t notice any spiciness at all, and were surprised to find out about the habanero content afterward.

And the panko bread crumbs sprinkled on top really tie this whole thing together.

Our biggest complaint is that there’s simply not enough in a serving. We walked away from this still a bit hungry and craving more, even though the serving size is supposed to be half a dish. A full dish weighs in at 400 calories (120 from fat), so it’s not something we’d recommend eating two of in a sitting (though it’s very tempting not to).

Dan’s Gourmet makes a great mac and cheese, and the Mac Attack is no exception. Just be careful with this one; you’ll want seconds — and maybe even thirds — but the calorie count is just too high for that to be reasonable.

To learn more about the nutrition info or ingredients in this mac and cheese, check out our package scan below.

Dan's Gourmet Mac Attack Macaroni & Cheese

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