Eating Well Korean Style Beef Review

Eating Well Korean Style Beef

Whether it’s bibimbap or just a nice bulgogi beef dish, it’s hard to top Korean food when it’s done right. So the big question we wanted answered today is does Eating Well‘s Korean Inspired Beef do it right? We cracked open one of these frozen meals to find out for ourselves.

Eating Well’s main gimmick seems to be their space-age packaging. Their frozen food comes in a shrinkwrapped and vacuum-sealed package, which is supposed to keep these meals fresh. The thing is, we’ve never really noticed a lot of freshness; we’ve usually only found smaller portion sizes that are smashed down flat.

And both of those things are true here — this is a small portion size and it’s smashed flat — as you can see in the image below.

Eating Well Korean Style Beef

Unlike so many of the other Eating Well dishes we’ve tried, this one actually still looks appealing even though it also looks like it’s been run over by a steamroller.

It’s sectioned off into portions — you’ve got brown rice, bell peppers, crimini mushrooms, carrots, and spinach, and all of these are just hanging out in their own part of the tray. Unfortunately, every last one of those things is bland as can be. They taste like they had the flavor leached out by a flavor-sucking vampire. The ghost of a flavor is left in each part, but it’s always just barely there. Even the mushrooms are bland, and we love mushrooms here at Freezer Meal Frenzy.

The beef isn’t great either. It’s tough and stringy, so it gets stuck between your teeth. It’s a little juicy, but we think we can blame that on the sauce rather than the beef here.

Now, a good Korean-style BBQ sauce could have saved this whole dish. Unfortunately, the sesame garlic sauce is as bland as everything else. The whole time we were eating this, our taste buds were trying to figure out where all the flavor was. But even so, this is surprisingly spicy for a sauce that’s virtually flavorless.

Eating Well’s Korean Inspired Beef isn’t the worst Korean frozen food we’ve tried — that honor almost certainly goes to the Eat! Bim Bap Korean Inspired Chicken — but it’s close enough. We really wanted to love this dish, but we just couldn’t, no matter how hard we tried.

If you’re wondering about the ingredients or nutrition info for this frozen food, fear not. We’ve scanned the package for you, and it’s got all the information you need. Check that out below.

Eating Well Korean Style Beef

Eating Well Korean Style Beef

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