DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips Review

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

DiGiorno is a household name in frozen pizza, but they’ve also been known to branch out into other pizza-related items. Case in point, the Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips. This meal, of course, is really just a pizza with the sauce on the side, but even so, pizza strips are a fun little snack.

Now, this meal comes with a lot of separate components, so let’s take a look at those.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

Inside the box is a shrink-wrapped loaf of pull-apart pizza strips. There’s also a sauce packet sealed in with all of this stuff. The wrap is a bit tricky to remove without spilling frozen mozzarella cheese everywhere, so we recommend using a knife and peeling off the wrap over a sink or a plate to catch all the roaming cheese bits.

The sauce is intended to be heated separately from the pizza. We were instructed to put the packet on a plate and heat it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. We set our microwave for 45 seconds, and clearly that was too long.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

About 40 seconds into the process, the packet exploded, leaving behind something that looks like a murder scene. It isn’t pretty. We had to scrub out the inside of our microwave (which was brand new) to get rid of the evidence.

As for the pizza strips themselves, those come with a convenient crisping tray that’s attached to the box, which can be easily folded into the proper cooking formation.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

We’ve had trouble with DiGiorno’s crisping box setups in the past, but this one was actually very easy to use. We’re not sure if DiGiorno redesigned their boxes in response to a wave of complaints, or if the pizza strips just come in a better box. Either way, we’re thankful to have an easy-to-use crisping tray here.

After all this effort, things actually turn out pretty okay.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

The cheese sticks are as pull-apart-able as the package proclaims, and once you get the sauce out of its disastrous packet, you should be in for some serious dippin’.

We’re not sure if this is the same sauce DiGiorno uses on their pizzas, but we don’t think it is. It’s super rich and super sweet, and if you put too much of it on a pizza strip the sauce will overtake the flavor. But you might be okay with that, because the sauce is delicious.

There’s also plenty of it. Many meals like this go skimpy on the sauce, but that’s not the case here. Even after losing a considerable amount in a microwave explosion, we still felt like there was enough to dip every last bite.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

With the crisping tray situation, the crust ends up mostly nice and moist, though there are edges that get really hard. That problem stays to the very ends of the pizza strips, though, and one solution is to simply not eat that part, leaving behind about a half inch of crust from either end.

There’s a pretty generous amount of mozzarella too — stretchy, melty mozzarella. It’s the perfect topper for a set of pizza sticks.

One thing that we’re not huge fans of is that the box claims it contains two servings. After the struggle we endeavored to heat a full package at once, we can’t even begin to imagine what it would take to save half for later. We suppose you could either share this with a friend or stick the leftovers in a ziplock baggie and toss it into the fridge.

Still, we don’t think it’s worth the effort, and a box only contains four strips. You’ll want to eat all four, we promise.

DiGiorno’s Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips aren’t a low-effort affair, but they taste incredible and they’re fun to eat. These are the perfect snack to enjoy with greasy fingers and a gigantic smile.

If you’re curious about the nutrition or ingredients in these frozen pizza strips, check out our package scan below for more information.

DiGiorno Four Cheese Pizza Dipping Strips

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