So Right Chicken Lo Mein Review

So Right Chicken Lo Mein

If you’ve ever ordered Chinese takeout, then chances are high you’ve eaten lo mein out of a cardboard box before. If so, you should feel right at home with So Right’s Chicken Lo Mein.

This blend of noodles, white meat chicken, and veggies feels like it was made to mimic the taste and feel of takeout, right down to the packaging. While most of the frozen food we review comes in plastic trays, this comes in a cardboard box. We found that a little odd at first, but since we drink milk out of a cardboard container as well, we were able to come to terms with it. Plus, it has to be better for you than plastic, right?

So, after a throwing this into the microwave for a few minutes, we dug in to see what So Right’s Chicken Lo Mein is all about.

The picture on the box might lead you to believe this is loaded to the brim with vegetables. In reality, however, there aren’t a lot of veggies. In fact, there isn’t much chicken either. This dish is mostly noodles.

So Right Chicken Lo Mein

As far as the chicken is concerned, you’ll probably be thankful that the portion size is small. This chicken tastes stale and it has a dry feel to it, even when it’s soaked in sauce. It’s really the worst part of this meal, and we think this lo mein would be vastly improved by removing the chicken entirely. Plus, that way our vegetarian friends could enjoy it too.

The sesame garlic sauce is flavorful and rich. Some frozen Asian meals end up with a plastic-y flavor to their sauce, but this tastes just fine.

As we mentioned earlier, there isn’t a huge vegetable portion here. We found some carrots, some bell peppers, a couple tiny little pieces of broccoli, and some chunks of onion. The carrots have the best flavor, and they blend really well with the sauce. The bell peppers are kind of soggy.

And then there’s the noodles, which we’d estimate make up about 70% of this meal. They’re alright. They have some firmness to them, and the sauce makes them really sticky. They taste halfway decent, and the sesame garlic sauce complements them pretty well.

So Right’s Chicken Lo Mein is comparable to something you’d get at a low-rent takeout joint. While the quality isn’t astounding, sometimes all you want is to eat some lo mein out of a cardboard box. And that’s exactly what So Right’s Chicken Lo Mein is for. With a couple of these meals in your freezer, you won’t even have to call for delivery.

If you want to know more about the ingredients or nutrition in this frozen meal, check out our package scans below.

So Right Chicken Lo Mein

So Right Chicken Lo Mein

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