Smart Made Roasted Turkey & Vegetables Review

Smart Made Roasted Turkey & Vegetables

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving can’t be every day. But with Smart Made’s Roasted Turkey and Vegetables, you can have a lightweight mini-Thanksgiving packed up in a little box.

This is a simple dish. It includes cuts of turkey, some green beans, and sweet potatoes. The thing that really sets it apart, however, is the honey glaze. It’s advertised as exclusive to the sweet potatoes, but by the time you heat this thing up, every ingredient in the dish will be coated in that delicious glaze. It’s very sweet, and it lends a sweet flair to the whole dish.

This is a rare case where the consistency of the turkey is completely dependent upon how well you stir everything during the heating process. Pieces of turkey that have been left on the top will end up a little dry, but those that sift down to the bottom where the juices lie will be succulent, rich, and sweet. So if you stir this properly to evenly distribute the glaze, the turkey will blow your mind. It’s incredible.

Smart Made Roasted Turkey & Vegetables

The green beans taste surprisingly fresh, and the honey glaze really brings out their flavor. We weren’t expecting to be this impressed by something we initially saw as filler. These green beans could support a meal on their own — they’re that good.

We were less impressed with the sweet potatoes. While they had top billing in this dish, their biggest contribution is their delicious sauce. Because the turkey and green beans soak up so much of the sauce, the sweet potatoes don’t really get their fair share. And this is compounded by the fact that they’re very large cuts, which means that even if you dip a chunk in the sauce, the center will remain glaze-free. They also taste a bit burnt, and they’re dry inside. Every ingredient in this dish is better because it borrows flavor from the sweet potatoes, so the sweet potatoes themselves end up being the rejects of this otherwise wonderful dish.

This is a lightweight dish, at 240 calories (and only 20 from fat), so it will bring a smile to even the strictest of dieters. While the sodium is a bit high at 580 mg, that’s actually lower than many of the other frozen meals we’ve reviewed here at Freezer Meal Frenzy.

With some better sweet potatoes, this dish would have blown us out of the water. As is, Smart Made’s Roasted Turkey and Vegetables is a really good turkey dinner with one major flaw.

If you want to know more about the ingredients or nutrition info for this frozen turkey dinner, check out our package scans below.

Smart Made Roasted Turkey & Vegetables

Smart Made Roasted Turkey & Vegetables

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