Trader Joe’s Shrimp Toast Review

Trader Joe's Shrimp Toast

We’ve tried some interesting frozen food here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and we often enjoy trying new things we never would have thought of on our own. So when we spotted Trader Joe’s Shrimp Toast, we knew we just had to see what it was all about.

The serving size listed on the box is two pieces of shrimp toast. Since the box confidently proclaims it contains five servings and not “approximately five,” we take this to mean that every box is portioned out at exactly ten pieces of toast. Our box certainly contained ten, and based on how it’s packaged, it definitely looks like they intended for there to be exactly ten.

Trader Joe's Shrimp Toast

Unfortunately, all ten are wrapped in one package, so if you’re planning on saving any for later, you’ll just have to stuff the leftovers back into the bag. It’s not the most elegant solution, and it would have been nice to see individual packets of two.

The box gives instructions for both the microwave and oven, so we decided to try both of them.

First, because it’s the quicker method, we stuck two of these in the microwave and set the timer for one minute.

Trader Joe's Shrimp Toast

The bread didn’t get soggy, per se, but it was definitely moist. This isn’t a negative here, as it’s actually a pretty good consistency for these pieces of toast. In fact, it has a sort of French toast vibe to it, which we actually really enjoy.

Now, keep in mind that the oven is the recommended way to heat these, so we tried this too. Simply preheat the oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit, then stick these guys on a cookie sheet and pop them in for around ten minutes. About halfway through the cooking process, the shrimp started sizzling loudly. We wanted to take the toast out at that point, but we decided to follow the instructions to the letter and keep the shrimp toast in the oven for the full cook time.

As you can see in the image below, the oven browns the corners a bit.

Trader Joe's Shrimp Toast

As you probably already guessed, they also come out crispier than they do in the microwave. Now, the crisp tends to stick to the outside of the toast, while the inside remains soft. It has sort of a light, airy feel to it, and we like that. However, we don’t mean to be contrarians here, but if we had to choose we’d probably go with the microwaved version.

Most of the flavor comes from the toast itself. While there is shrimp on top, it’s pretty small and serves more to add seafood undertones than to dominate the flavor. And of course, there are sesame seeds on top to make these pretty.

Now let’s do a little bit of math. Since there are ten pieces of toast in a box, you’ll be consuming 450 calories (250 from fat) if you decide to eat the whole box at once. While that’s not obscene for a frozen food, keep in mind that these aren’t very filling. The intent here was that you’d eat a couple to complement a bigger meal.

Trader Joe’s Shrimp Toast is a very tasty snack. Because of the small size and high calorie count, this is definitely not intended to be a main course. But as a snack or a side dish, these little toasties are pretty amazing.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition info or ingredients in this frozen food, check out our package scan below.

Trader Joe's Shrimp Toast

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