Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac & Cheese Review

Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac & Cheese

We recently discovered the Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac & Cheese at a local grocery store, and we knew right away that we just had to try it out. If the devil character on the box is any indication, we were in for one hell of a treat!

Weirdly enough, the cooking instructions say to just toss this whole goofy-looking box into the microwave for four to five minutes and then unpack it once it’s cooked. Once we cracked open the box, we were surprised to find the meal inside a bag, which had to be ripped apart. The bag is perforated, but that doesn’t exactly do the trick. We had to cut it with a knife to get the bag fully open.

Also, the box says not to dump the mac into it.

Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac & Cheese

We followed these instructions as closely as we could, but we have to warn our readers to be very careful when opening the box. We don’t want you to burn yourselves.

So after doing all that, we had ourselves a bag of mac and cheese. It kind of resembles a bag of popcorn, only it’s filled with macaroni instead.

Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac & Cheese

Hooboy, this meal is spicy! We were expecting something fairly mild, like other mac and cheese meals that call themselves spicy, but this is the real deal. Make sure you have a gigantic glass of milk sitting next to you before you dig in, because oh man, here comes the spice!

The sauce is white cheddar-based, though you probably wouldn’t guess that just by looking at this. It has a yellow color to it, which we guess is a result of the tomatoes and guajillo pepper purée. It tastes absolutely delicious, and, as we mentioned just a second ago, it’s seriously spicy. This meal will make your mouth sting and your nose run.

The chorizo comes in the form of meatballs scattered throughout the dish. These meatballs taste pretty darn good, so they’re a welcome treat, though this meal would still be great without them. We’d love to recommend this to our vegetarian friends, but sadly this meal was not designed with them in mind.

It might be hard to tell from just looking at the box, but the pasta here is a cross between the classic shell-shaped noodle and the more traditional elbow. We love shells in our macaroni, so crossing them with the elbow shape was something we didn’t expect. It’s a pleasant surprise, to be sure.

This meal has a whopping 440 calories packed inside, so it’s no diet-friendly treat. Sure, we know of macaroni dishes with more calories than that, but 440 is still pretty high. It must be all that white cheddar! The sodium content is no joke either at 890 mg.

The Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac and Cheese is one of the spiciest frozen foods we’ve tried so far. It’s definitely the spiciest mac and cheese we’ve tried here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. It’s also delicious. We just wish there were a little more of it per serving, because this one left us a little hungry afterward, even after chugging a tall glass of milk.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Wicked Kitchen macaroni dish, check out our package scan below.

Wicked Kitchen Chorizo Mac & Cheese

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