365 Everyday Value Individual Size Spinach & Feta Pizza Review

365 Everyday Value Spinach & Feta Pizza

A personal-sized pizza can be a wonderful treat from time to time. So when we saw the 365 Everyday Value Spinach and Feta Pizza while browsing the freezer aisle at our local Whole Foods, we knew we had to give this thing a chance. We weren’t all that impressed with the 365 Everyday Value Cheese Pizza or Chicken & BBQ Sauce Pizza, but the image on the cover of this spinach-covered beauty really called out to us.

Now, this comes out of the oven not looking much like the picture on the box. We have to admit that we were a little disappointed to not get a pizza that’s just drowning in stretchy, white mozzarella cheese. It is covered in spinach, though, so this is a great choice if you love spinach. Popeye would be proud.

The crust here has a weird consistency to it. It’s a bit grainy and crumbly. It tastes pretty good, though we did detect some of that strange aftertaste we’ve mentioned before.

365 Everyday Value Spinach & Feta Pizza

Of course, the flavor of this pizza is dominated by the spinach. Normally, that would be a huge plus, but this spinach is a little off. It’s damp and soggy, and there are also far more stems than we’d like in a spinach pizza.

We were a little surprised to find that this pizza uses a red sauce instead of an alfredo sauce, though we think that’s actually a good choice. The red sauce gives this a bit of a sweet flavor that it would otherwise lack, and it does actually go with the spinach and feta better than we expected.

One pizza contains 320 calories (70 from fat) so this really isn’t too fattening. Some of the pizzas we’ve tried really push the calorie count to the max, so we’re thankful that this one keeps it reasonable. Of course, this pizza isn’t very big and the crust is pretty thin, so it might not fill you up.

The 365 Everyday Value Spinach and Feta Pizza is definitely not perfect. It’s probably the best pizza we’ve tried in the Whole Foods line so far, but it does have some flaws that really bummed us out. Some better spinach and better crust would have made this an incredible pizza. As is, it’s just alright.

To learn more about the nutrition or ingredients in this frozen pizza, check out our package scan below.

365 Everyday Value Spinach & Feta Pizza

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