Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara Review

Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara

We’re fans of low-calorie pasta when it’s done right, so we were pretty curious to check out the Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara. This healthy little dish contains only 200 calories, which is really low for a frozen pasta. This is also a Weight Watchers product, which means it has a SmartPoints value printed on the box. This meal is worth 6 SmartPoints.

So how does it taste?

Well, the zucchini is definitely the high point of this dish. The thick, slightly crispy chunks of zucchini are cooked to perfection. The mix of yellow and standard zucchini adds some variety to the dish, and it tastes extremely fresh. The zucchini blends nicely with the tomato sauce, but it doesn’t really need any extra flavor; it’s tasty enough to eat plain.

Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara

The rest of the meal in’t anything to write home about. The tomato sauce is acceptable but unremarkable. It really could have used some thyme or oregano — in fact, a little bit of Parmesan cheese would have kicked this whole dish up a notch.

As for the pasta itself, it’s adequate, even if it’s a little too soft for our liking. If you prefer your pasta al dente, this meal might be a bit of a disappointment.

Although this meal didn’t blow us away , we have to admit that this is diet-friendly dish. Even though it isn’t heavy on the protein, our staffers still found it to be pretty filling. If you enjoy zucchini — and if you don’t mind soft pasta or a so-so sauce — you might want to look for this dish in your local grocer’s freezer aisle.

To learn more about the nutritional value or ingredients of this frozen pasta, check out our package scans below.

Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara

Smart Ones Angel Hair Marinara

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1 year ago

gee this is nifty. WHERE CAN I buy these products in 02135

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