Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie Review

Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie

We were quite impressed with Wicked Kitchen’s deviously spicy mac and cheese, so we’re excited to be digging deeper into their line of frozen food. Today, we’re trying out the Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie. What is a hand pie? Well, as far as we can tell, it’s just yet another nickname for a pot pie (though a traditional pot pie is made in a pot, hence the name — so a hand pie is made in a hand?).

This hand pie has some strange cooking instructions. Like Wicked Kitchen’s macaroni dishes, this one requires you to stick the whole unopened box into the microwave, cook for two and a half to three and a half minutes, then pull it out and unbox it.

We didn’t know what we should expect to find inside the box after we heated it up, but what we didn’t expect was a puffy bag that was kind of melty. But that puffy bag is exactly what we got.

Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie

At this point we became a bit concerned that there would be more layers of wrapping to this thing, like a set of Russian nesting dolls. Thankfully, once we cut into the puffy bag, we found a had pie in the shape of a smile.

Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie

First off, we need to talk about this crust. It’s incredible. This is a crumbly, richly flavorful crust that really sets the tone for the rest of the meal. It’s clear that Wicked Kitchen spared no expense here (though we have a suspicion that a majority of the calorie count can be blamed on this crust). Even when heated in the microwave, this crust stays dry instead of damp — and it’s the good kind of dry, not the bad kind. We really can’t praise this crust enough.

Unfortunately, there’s not as much filling as we hoped there would be. Considering how much care was spent on the crust, it’s strange that the filling doesn’t even attempt to match that same incredibly high standard.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the filling is delicious. It’s tasty and creamy and loaded with spinach, with a few pieces of artichoke scattered inside for good measure. Our problem is that the portion size seems unusually stingy. As you can see in the image below, this whole thing seems a bit deflated.

Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie

For a pot pie (scratch that, a hand pie), this really isn’t all that filling either. We still felt hungry after washing this down with a big glass of milk.

While the spinach and artichoke might lure you into thinking this is pretty healthy, this is no diet-friendly meal. It weighs in at a bulky 480 calories, and it’s got 890 mg of sodium to boot. We don’t recommend eating several of these in one sitting, or even eating one of these multiple days in a row.

The Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie is delicious, though it falls short of perfection. If only this were stuffed a bit fuller with the spinach artichoke filling — which is amazing — this could easily be one of our favorite frozen foods. As is, it’s still a very tasty hand pie.

To learn more about the nutrition info or ingredients in this Wicked Kitchen hand pie, check out our package scan below.

Wicked Kitchen Spinach Artichoke Hand Pie

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