365 Everyday Value Cheese Enchiladas Review

365 Everyday Value Cheese Enchiladas

In case you’re not familiar with it, 365 Everyday Value is a proprietary Whole Foods brand. While they produce much more than just frozen food, it’s the stuff in the freezer aisle that we focus on here at Freezer Meal Frenzy. Now, we recently tried 365 Everyday Value’s Chicken Enchiladas and were a bit disappointed, so we hoped the Cheese Enchiladas would treat our taste buds a little better.

Just like the Chicken Enchiladas, these are pretty easy to heat up, which we appreciate. Just tear off the plastic wrap, then stick the tray of enchiladas into the microwave for four minutes. Bam! Done!

The main difference between this and the chicken version is that the filling is mostly cheese. We actually found this to be quite good, as the cheese is tasty and gooey, which is the perfect combo for this enchilada.

365 Everyday Value Cheese Enchiladas

This is a pretty spicy meal. We knew what to expect, since we remembered the Chicken Enchiladas well enough, but if you’ve never had a 365 Everyday Value frozen enchilada before, you might be a little surprised. The spice level is no slouch — we found our sinuses to be clearing up while we were eating this. True spice addicts might find this a bit wimpy, but for normal folks like us, the spice is just right.

However, that’s pretty much where the pros end.

This meal has the same flaws as the chicken version. The sauce, which there’s plenty of, has a burnt taste that’s really off-putting. In fact, we think it clashes with the gooey cheese filling even worse than it did with chicken. The shells are mushy and taste a bit generic, and any edge piece that’s not buried in sauce before you cook it will get hard and crusty.

365 Everyday Value Cheese Enchiladas

While there are two enchiladas inside, this package is intended to be a single meal. The whole shebang contains 410 calories (210 from fat) and 670 mg of sodium. While this is definitely not a healthy meal, we don’t think these numbers should be too offensive for anyone who eats a decent amount of frozen food. Just keep in mind that eating too much sodium is not a good idea, so be careful to look out for this when you’re eating frozen meals.

The 365 Everyday Value Cheese Enchiladas don’t taste very good. We were really hoping we’d love this meal, but we didn’t. With a better sauce and some sour cream, this wouldn’t have been so bad, but as is, we recommend avoiding these if you can.

If you’re craving a vegetarian-friendly enchilada, you might want to try the Amy’s Kitchen Spinach & Cheese Enchilada Verde instead.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition info or ingredients in these frozen enchiladas, check out our package scan below.

365 Everyday Value Cheese Enchiladas

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