Amy’s Low Fat Alphabet Soup Review

Amy's Low Fat Alphabet Soup

There are few things as satisfying on a cold evening than a nice bowl of soup. Thankfully, Amy’s Kitchen has a robust lineup of soups for just such occasion. Amy’s Fat Free Alphabet Soup will make you feel like a kid again without loading you up with calories.

While typically we focus on frozen food only, we do make an exception once in a while. And since we’re huge fans of Amy’s Kitchen’s frozen meals — and since this can be heated in the microwave — this soup is the perfect exception.

The microwave instructions are very easy. Simply pour the can into a bowl and heat for two minutes. Give it a good stir and it’s ready to eat.

Amy's Low Fat Alphabet Soup

We found that the tomato is the dominant flavor in this soup. However, this doesn’t taste like a classic tomato soup; it’s thinner, and the noodles and vegetables alter the flavor of the dish a bit. Although they can’t be seen clearly in the picture above, this soup is loaded with veggies. We’re usually big fans of potatoes, but the green beans are the real highlight of this dish. We love their slightly crisp texture.

The alphabet noodles are the thing that sold us on this soup in the first place. The idea of eating our ABCs made us feel nostalgic! Unfortunately, we barely noticed the shape of the noodles as we were eating. The noodles are small, which means the letters don’t really jump out. A small child might have a deeper appreciation for these noodles than we did, but for us as adults, they aren’t as fun as we remember them being.

One can is about two servings, according to the label on the can. A serving contains only 80 calories (and none of them from fat), which means a full can only has 160. That’s not bad at all, but keep in mind the sodium level is very high. The 680 mg of sodium becomes 1,360 if you end up eating the whole can at once, and that’s a ton of sodium.

Amy’s Low Fat Alphabet Soup is the perfect meal for a cold evening, or any other time you simply want to reminisce about the joys of childhood. Just be warned that if you’re not paying close attention, you might simply forget about the alphabet shapes and treat this as any other vegetable noodle soup. And what’s the fun in that?

To learn more about the ingredients or nutrition facts for this canned soup, check out our package scan below.

Amy's Low Fat Alphabet Soup

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