Stouffer’s Fish Fillet Review

Stouffer's Fish Fillet

A fish fillet is a pretty simple dish on its own, but Stouffer’s complements theirs with a side of their Classic Mac and Cheese. So does this make Stouffer’s Fish Fillet feel like a full meal? We dove in to find the answer.

Unlike many of Stouffer’s other meals, this doesn’t take an incredibly long time to cook. Toss it in the microwave for three minutes, stir the macaroni a bit, then toss it back in for two more. A five-minute cook time is actually one of the shorter microwave times we’ve seen for a Stouffer’s meal. That’s a whole minute shorter than their fish-less macaroni dish!

The fish here is Alaska pollock, which is commonly used in fish sticks (it’s the fish stick base that isn’t cod), so this tastes like fish sticks rather than what you might consider to be a more refined fish dinner. But since this is served with a side of mac and cheese, we weren’t really expecting refined. It also doesn’t taste super fishy, which we see as a positive here — a really fishy flavor wouldn’t have done justice to this particular meal. When cooked in the microwave, the breading doesn’t get as crisp as fish sticks baked in an oven would, but we didn’t find this to be overly soggy. The patty is actually bigger than we expected — we think it looks quite small in the box photo.

Stouffer's Fish Fillet

The macaroni portion will be familiar to anyone who’s tried Stouffer’s Classic Mac and Cheese, because it’s the exact same stuff. If you want more details, you can check out our full review of that, but for now we’ll just say that it’s a pretty good side dish.

So how does it complement the fish? It’s actually not bad. A more fishy-tasting fish would have tasted weird with a side of macaroni, but here it works out pretty well.

This meal contains about 490 calories (190 from fat), so it’s not exactly diet-friendly. That is a bit less than the Classic Mac and Cheese is on its own, though, so this might be a slightly leaner alternative to a pure macaroni dish. The sodium content is quite high, at 750 mg, so be careful if you’re trying to keep your sodium levels low.

Stouffer’s Fish Fillet isn’t the fanciest frozen food on the market, but it’s not trying to be. Everything here tastes great, though it’s a little higher in calories than we’d like. We’re not sure if there’s a particular craving for fish sticks and macaroni, but if there is, this is a great meal to satisfy it.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this frozen fish fillet, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Fish Fillet

Stouffer's Fish Fillet

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