Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza Review

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

When we tried the Smart Ones Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza, all we really wanted was something that was comparable to those little rectangle pizzas we used to get back in elementary school. Unfortunately, that pizza couldn’t even live up to that low standard. So we gave Smart Ones a second chance by diving into the vegetarian version of this meal, the Thin Crust Cheese Pizza.

This pizza promises great taste (the back of the box claims this is one of the “incredibly tasty foods you love”) at a low calorie count. They succeed on at least the second portion of that promise, as this whole pizza only contains 290 calories. It’s also a Weight Watchers product valued at 9 SmartPoints (which is the same SmartPoints value given to the pepperoni version of this pizza). We’re not so sure about the “incredibly tasty” part of that claim, though.

The package includes a crisping card, which is designed to go beneath the pizza and on top of the box, as shown below.

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

This is a little clumsy, as we’d rather just stick the card on a plate and heat it that way, but this really isn’t as bad as some of the other crisping trays we’ve used, which require a fairly high level of origami skill. Thankfully, the cook time is low — in our microwave, this took just over two minutes. (We do have to mention that the box smells really weird when you remove it from the microwave.)

Now let’s be honest here — this is not a pizza; it’s a communion wafer with some vaguely pizza-like ingredients on it.

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

The crust is flat and dry. There are many pizzas out there with incredible-tasting crust, and this is definitely not one of them. The sauce tastes more like tomato soup than pizza sauce. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it gives the whole pizza a strange flavor. There’s not enough cheese to really help this pizza out, which is unfortunate. The cheese is also covered in thinly ground parsley, but that doesn’t make things any better either.

Oh, and this little thing probably won’t leave you feeling full. It’s very small. In fact, we think we were hungrier after eating this than we were when we started.

All around, this pizza is kind of a bummer.

The Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza just isn’t for us. There are many better frozen vegetarian pizzas on the market — try pretty much anything from Amy’s Kitchen, for example — so it’s really difficult to justify wasting any time with this one.

To learn more about the nutrition facts or ingredients in this frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

Smart Ones Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

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