Stouffer’s Meat Lovers Lasagna Review

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna

Stouffer’s has a pretty robust lasagna lineup, and we’d love to try every single one of their offerings. With so many to choose from, it’s maybe a little tricky to figure out what the differences are between all of them. So here’s a quick breakdown:

The Mexican Style Lasagna is the most obviously different of the bunch. It has more of a southwestern zing than your traditional Italian lasagna. The Lasagna with Meat & Sauce, on the other hand, is closer to what you think of when you hear the word lasagna. The Lasagna Italiano is similar, but there are a few notable differences. For example, the Lasagna Italiano has a thicker sauce, which we enjoyed much more than the sauce in the Lasagna with Meat & Sauce.

Today, we’re adding a fourth lasagna to our Stouffer’s repertoire, the Meat Lovers Lasagna. How is this one different than the others? That’s exactly what we were hoping to learn when we dove into it.

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna

Like so many of Stouffer’s frozen meals, this one takes an incredibly long time to cook. Stick it in the microwave for four minutes, then peel off the protective layer of film and stick it back in for another five and a half minutes on 50% power. That’s almost ten minutes of microwave time. This is no quick meal.

The box advertises that there are four different meats inside this frozen lasagna. In case you’re wondering, those are Italian sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, and pork. It’s no wonder they call it meat lovers, right? The portion sizes seem pretty alright too — you’ll find plenty of giant chunks of meat inside. And that means this is definitely a lasagna designed for meat lovers, as the name suggests. If you’re constantly on the hunt for a lasagna that can satisfy a hankering for meat, this is the lasagna for you.

And that means it’s really hard to isolate the flavor of the sauce. It’s so full of pepperoni and spicy Italian sausage that you’re really going to taste the meat over the sauce. It also has a thick, meaty consistency due to the amount of ground beef inside.

So we must comment on the flavor as a whole. This has a rich, hearty, savory flavor. There’s not a lot of sweetness to it, like some lasagnas, because the meat does so much of the talking here. It’s also spicier than we were expecting — this definitely has some kick to it!

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna

The noodles are just alright. Some of the ruffled edges are a bit too rubbery for us, but the centers are fine, though maybe a little starchy. The pasta is a place where frozen lasagna often struggles, and that’s true here as well. It’s not enough to ruin the meal, but it certainly prevents it from reaching true lasagna Nirvana.

One dish of this lasagna contains 410 calories (170 from fat), which means it’s not the fattiest lasagna out there, but it’s also not a diet food. It’s also got 750 mg of sodium, so be careful if you’re watching your sodium levels.

The Stouffer’s Meat Lovers Lasagna is the ultimate lasagna for carnivores. If you only like meat a little bit, this might not be for you. But if you’re the type who drools over a big, protein-loaded slab of meat, you’re going to be in hog heaven.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ingredients or nutrition content in this frozen lasagna, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna

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Macklin Zukoff
Macklin Zukoff
2 years ago

My package says 420 calories. Seems to me that the last time I bought it, the package was more than 10 oz. 10 oz is not enough for me. Not too bad, burned around the edges.

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