Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl Review

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl

We’re not sure what to say about the Frontera line of taco bowls that hasn’t already been said. This is a line of high-quality frozen meals by the great chef Rick Bayless, and it’s definitely worth trying. So far, we’ve enjoyed every Frontera frozen meal we’ve tried. We definitely expect that trend to continue with the Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl.

Of all the bowls we’ve tried so far, this one is definitely the verde-est. And this is clear the moment you first look at it. Instead of the colorful palette of the other dishes in the line, this one is mostly green, white, and light yellow. It keeps the colors consistent, is what we’re saying.

One of the more interesting choices in this meal is the use of green beans. Off the top of our heads, we can’t recall very many Mexican-style dishes that contain green beans. We were surprised at how well they work here. These are very skinny green beans that have a good crunch to them. Better yet, the flavor works very well with the sauce.

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl

The verde sauce here is a creamy tomatillo-cilantro mix. It has that delicious sweet-but-still-a-little-sour flavor that the best verde sauces tend to have. It’s also pretty rich, so this dish has no shortage of flavor. That lovely verde flavor seeps into every last bite of this meal.

Frontera’s chicken always looks a little sickly and pale, but it tends to taste very good. Here, we actually found it to be a little less rich and juicy than usual. It doesn’t taste bad by any means, but it seems like a small step down from Frontera’s typically high standard. We don’t know if we just got a bad batch here, because Frontera usually knocks this out of the park.

One other tiny complaint we have is that we found one gigantic piece of onion in the dish, which you can see in the picture of our meal above. This thing was the size of a credit card. We weren’t sure if we should eat it or pick it out, but we ended up chomping it down. It tasted alright; it was just a weird thing to find in the middle of the dish.

Normally, we find Frontera’s meals to have a spice level that starts out subtle and builds as you eat. This one actually starts off a little louder than the others we’ve tried. It’s still a similar spice level, but this time you’ll feel it earlier on.

We’re always baffled at how low the calorie count is in these dishes. We’re pleased to report that this meal only contains 260 calories, which is absolutely wild for a dish with this much flavor.

The Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl is something to get excited about. It’s not our favorite dish in Frontera’s line, but it’s still a very flavorful taco bowl with an unbelievably low calorie count. We’re not sure how Rick Bayless and his friends at Frontera keep pulling this off.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Frontera taco bowl, check out our package scans below.

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl

Frontera Chicken Verde Taco Bowl

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