Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Breaded Chicken Review

Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Breaded Chicken

The spicy chicken sandwich is a staple of the drive-through burger joint, so of course the Pierre Drive Thru line of frozen food would include a version of it — the Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Beaded Chicken. We’re actually pretty excited about this, as Pierre’s burgers taste great, and we do love ourselves some spicy chicken.

Plus, these are usually super quick to heat up, so they’re a welcome treat for those days when you just want a hassle-free meal. Simply toss the thing into the microwave for a minute and a half and it’s done!

We should point out that while the package shows lettuce and tomatoes on this sandwich, what’s in the box is just a chicken patty on a bun. There’s not even a sauce of any kind — no mayo or anything like that. If you want, you can certainly add some fixings, but this doesn’t contain any of those things out of the box.

The bun is a corn-dusted affair, which gives the top a gravelly texture that’s actually a pretty good fit for this sandwich. It also survives its time in the microwave far better than you’d expect from a bun — your typical drive-thru bun is probably going to be soggier than this one.

Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Breaded Chicken

Our chicken patty was shaped like a heart, and we thought that lent a bit of charm to this simple little sandwich. We’re not sure every single one of Pierre’s chicken patties are shaped like that, but ours was, and we found that to be quite nice.

The chicken has a great consistency to it. Many chicken patties end up a bit rubbery in the microwave, but this comes out just fine. There’s a layer of breading and seasoning on top, which doesn’t really add much flavor — it just kicks up the spice level a notch. Now, this isn’t a Mount Vesuvius level spice or anything, but it does have a nice bite to it.

Now, that’s really it. There’s not a lot to this sandwich — and it’s quite small — but what’s there is very good. However, we do think this would benefit from some toppings. Some lettuce and tomato, as the box shows, would be excellent additions, and just a tad bit of mayo would elevate this to perfection.

As is, the Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Breaded Chicken is a simple sandwich that could use a little something extra to really make it pop.

To learn more about the nutrition content, cooking instructions, or ingredients in this frozen chicken sandwich, check out our package scans below.

Pierre Drive Thru Spicy Breaded Chicken

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