Stouffer’s Aged Asiago Lasagna Review

Stouffer's Aged Asiago Lasagna

Stouffer’s has launched a new line of frozen food under the Urban Bistro sub-brand. This sub-brand, it would seem, is designed to give fans of their frozen meals a more “upscale” line of meals to chow down on. (Urban Bistro frozen food is nearly impossible to miss, with its intense, electric blue packaging.) So of course we had to check the Urban Bistro line out as soon as possible, starting with the Aged Asiago Lasagna.

Yes, this is yet another lasagna from a brand that already has several lasagna options to choose from. We don’t see that as a bad thing at all — the more lasagna options, the better, we say!

This lasagna is simple to heat up, simply stick it in the microwave for five minutes and it’s ready to go. Compare that with the nine-and-a-half-minute cook time of the Meat Lovers Lasagna, or the eight-minute cook time of the Lasagna Italiano, and five minutes seems like no time at all.

That’s primarily due to the shape. While Stouffer’s other lasagnas tend to be narrower and stacked higher, the Aged Asiago Lasagna is stacked shorter but spread out width-wise.

Stouffer's Aged Asiago Lasagna

This is not a vegetarian lasagna by any stretch of the imagination. It’s loaded with cooked beef. Now, this is just a simple ground beef rather than something with a bit more zing, like an Italian sausage, but it does the trick. The package does claim this beef is raised without added hormones, so that’s a plus.

The sauce is so-so. It’s a tomato puree that we didn’t find to be as appealing as some of Stouffer’s other sauces. We find the Lasagna Italiano to have the superior sauce, but that’s mainly because we prefer a sweeter sauce. The tomato puree used in the Aged Asiago Lasagna is less sweet for a reason: it’s designed to complement the asiago cheese.

And the asiago cheese is the real kicker here. It’s mixed in with the ricotta to give the whole thing that sour-ish “aged cheese” flavor. And that’s what matters here. That’s what you paid the price of admission for. It doesn’t matter if the sauce and beef aren’t packed with flavor because they’re only here to support that wonderful asiago cheese.

Stouffer's Aged Asiago Lasagna

This meal has 350 calories, which puts it about on par with the Lasagna Italiano. It also contains 700 mg of sodium, which is pretty average for a frozen meal, but still pretty high. We’ve said this before, but if you’re trying to watch your sodium levels, be careful with frozen food, because it usually has a ton of it.

The Urban Bistro Aged Asiago Lasagna by Stouffer’s is a treat for people who love asiago cheese. The whole dish is designed around the asiago. If you’re a fan of asiago, this dish was made for you.

If you want to learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Urban Bistro lasagna, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Aged Asiago Lasagna

Stouffer's Aged Asiago Lasagna

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