Frontera Veggie Taco Skillet Review

Frontera Veggie Taco Skillet

We’ve been really impressed with Frontera’s taco bowls — these gourmet meals don’t taste like your average frozen food. The ingredient quality is really high; this is definitely restaurant-quality food. So when we saw the Frontera Veggie Taco Skillet, we were eager to try it out.

We usually thaw Frontera bowls in the microwave, but we heated up this one on our stove. Even if you’re not much of a cook, you should be able to prepare this without any problems. All we did was heat a pan, add some oil, pour in the bag, and stir until the meal was finished. In about 10 minutes, our food was ready to eat.

According to the package, there are two servings per container, which seems about right to us. While we opted to eat this meal as is, Frontera recommends serving it over rice or atop a warm tortilla. We definitely think this meal would be great with rice, but we’re not so sure about the tortilla. Because this meal is so saucy, it’d be easy for the sauce to soak through your tortilla, leaving you with a bit of a mess. Tortilla lovers can still make this work if they eat it with a fork, of course.

Frontera Veggie Taco Skillet

Just like the other Frontera meals we’ve tried, this meal uses a lot of fresh, great-tasting ingredients. We’re really impressed by the chunks of sweet potato. They taste like they’ve been seasoned and roasted in an oven. We also love the pieces of fried plantain — their sweetness pairs really well with the mildly spicy chile sauce.

That said, the sauce is probably our biggest problem with the meal. Because there’s so much sauce, it overwhelms everything else. A lot of the vegetables are smothered in sauce; we could barely taste the food we were actually eating. Even though the sauce is fine, we wish there was less of it. We love green beans, caramelized onions, and sweet potatoes, and we’d prefer to actually taste them.

In spite of these minor issues, this is a high-quality meal that doesn’t taste like it came from the freezer aisle. We don’t love the Frontera Veggie Taco Skillet quite as much as we love Frontera’s taco bowls, but this is still a great option if you want leftovers or have to cook for two.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this frozen taco skillet, check out our package scan below.

Frontera Veggie Taco Skillet

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