Stouffer’s Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken Review

Stouffer's Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken

With their Urban Bistro line, Stouffer’s has shown a willingness to mix alcohol with food. This is an instinct we appreciate here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and we quite enjoyed the Urban Bistro Beer Glazed Meatballs. So today, we’re digging even deeper into this line and checking out the Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken.

This is super easy to cook. Simply toss it into the microwave for three minutes, give it a good stir, and pop it back in for two more. However, we should point out that the stirring step is very important. You’ll want to make sure all the pieces are covered in a nice layer of glaze before you consider the mixing step to be complete, otherwise you might end up with some dried-out pieces that aren’t quite as appetizing as the rest of the meal. But as long as you’re thorough about the stirring business, you should be fine.

So let’s dive in!

To kick things off, we should talk about that bourbon glaze. There’s a fair amount of it here, so none of the other ingredients will be left out of the bourbon bath. Now, this is definitely a boozey meal, so if you don’t like the flavor of bourbon, you might want to skip this. Just getting a little whiff of this is enough to give you a buzz (not really, but it does smell very much like bourbon). Of course, the bourbon is what we signed up for when we picked this up, so we’re not complaining.

Stouffer's Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken

The chicken they use here was raised without antibiotics — or, at least that’s what the box says. It has a delicious roasted flavor, and the glaze really takes it a notch above the average chicken. However, even when soaked in the glaze, we found some of the pieces to be a little too dry on the inside. This is easily mitigated by breaking up the chicken into smaller chunks and dipping them in the glaze, but it seems like Stouffer’s should have considered a smaller size for their chicken cuts. That would have prevented this meal from receiving what amounts to our biggest complaint about the whole thing.

To give this a real hearty boost, this dish uses sweet potatoes. Those come in large chunks that are completely doused in the bourbon glaze. Now, the glaze pretty much wipes away any of the sweetness of the sweet potatoes, but that’s fine here. They really soak up the booze and give you some nice, savory pieces of bourbon-soaked goodness.

One of our favorite ingredients in the Urban Bistro Beer Glazed Meatballs was the tiny little onions. Those are here too, and they’re still as great as ever. And as cute, too!

The whole thing is topped off with pecans, which give this meal a bit of a crunch. We could have done without those, as we think this dish is fine without them, but we know some people out there are going to disagree. There are people out there who can’t get enough pecans — we’re just not that type of people.

Even with that bourbon glaze, this meal is fairly lightweight, weighing in at just 280 calories (80 from fat). The sodium, however, is quite high at 810 mg. That’s a lot of sodium, even for a frozen food.

The Stouffer’s Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken is a great addition to the Urban Bistro line. While we do have a complaint or two, those really are just nitpicks, and they shouldn’t prevent you from trying this out. If you love a hearty, boozey lunch, we think you’re going to really enjoy this.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this frozen food, check out our package scans below.

Stouffer's Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken

Stouffer's Kentucky Bourbon Glazed Chicken

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