Evol BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Burrito Review

Evol BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Burrito

We have great love for frozen burritos here at Freezer Meal Frenzy, and it’s a rare occurrence when our freezer doesn’t have at least one Evol burrito in it. So obviously, we get pretty excited when Evol adds new burritos to their frozen food lineup.

Today, we’re thrilled to be trying out the Evol BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Burrito, a meal whose title does not skimp on adjectives. We adore BBQ burritos, so we picked this one up expecting a winner.

We don’t normally follow the package instructions when we cook Evol burritos, and we didn’t make an exception for this burrito. We’ve explained our process countless times before, so we won’t take up space here to explain it again, but you can check out our review for the Sriracha Chicken Big Burrito to see our full cooking instructions. The short version is that this burrito spent a lot of time sitting in the oven while wrapped in aluminum foil.

Now, one of the complaints we often have about Evol burritos is that the meat content is often pretty skimpy. This isn’t quite as stingy as some of Evol’s other burritos, but we wouldn’t really call this a generous portion size either. The pork seems like it’s more there to add that stringy texture than to enhance the flavor.

Evol BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Burrito

Thankfully, the flavor does quite well for itself without a massive serving of pork. This is a BBQ burrito through and through. Every bite has that lovely sweet BBQ flavor.

The bulk of the filling here is actually roasted potatoes, and the potato content gives this a hearty feel to it. The one complaint we have is that this choice also makes it seem a little dry on the inside. We love a good juicy BBQ sauce, so that is a little bit disappointing. In fact, a more generous pork portion would have probably fixed this.

You’ll also find some more traditional burrito fixings inside, such as black beans, bell peppers, and even the occasional kernel of corn.

For its size, this burrito has a fair amount of calories. 310 calories (60 from fat) wouldn’t be much in a full frozen meal, but we have a feeling you might want to eat two of these if you’re hungry. That makes the calorie count far less appealing. This also has 360 mg of sodium, which also seems low until you gulp down a second burrito.

The Evol BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Burrito is great. We think it would have been improved with a bit more pork, but as is it’s still pretty tasty. While we probably won’t load our freezer with these things, we do think we might return to this burrito occasionally when the mood strikes.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this BBQ burrito, check out our package scan below.

Evol BBQ Seasoned Pulled Pork Burrito

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