Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza Review

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Pizza

Sweet Earth is the maker of some fantastic vegetarian-friendly foods. They have a fairly robust lineup of frozen burritos (we adore the Peruvian Burrito and have fond memories of the Curry Tiger Burrito), as well as some very tasty breakfast sandwiches. So when we learned that Sweet Earth is also in the pizza business, we knew we just had to check one out.

Today’s pizza is the Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza. And we can’t wait to dig in!

First off, we should point out that this is no microwave affair, like some of the other frozen pizzas on the market. This one needs to cook in the oven. Simply preheat to 425 degrees fahrenheit, then cook the pizza for about 16 minutes. It’s not quite as simple as its microwavable competitors, but it’s certainly no hassle. (We should point out that our pizza took a little longer than the package claimed it would; we cooked ours for about 20 minutes instead of the recommended 16.)

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Pizza

This pizza has a pretty interesting mix of toppings. It’s not the typical mix of tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, and olives that you’ll find on your average veggie pizza. No, this thing has corn on it! And when was the last time you had a pizza with brussel sprouts on it? Clearly, this pizza takes its “Vegetarian Lover’s” title very seriously.

Thankfully, there are mushrooms as well. This is one of those veggie-pizza mainstays that we really wouldn’t want to give up, even on a pizza as creative as this one. And these are juicy, succulent, delicious mushrooms that are loaded with that mushroomy flavor we love.

The sauce is wonderful. It’s a creamy, vegan cauliflower sauce mixed with marinara, and it’s the perfect complement to the truckload of veggie toppings.

Even the crust has vegetables in it. This crust contains cornmeal and carrots (as well as chia). It tastes like a wheat-based crust, and it’s thin, though not all that crispy. We don’t’ want to call this soggy, because it’s not — it has a nice soft texture that we think really works for this particular pizza.

This is a vegan-friendly pizza, which means the cheese is a parmesan-style cheese substitute. There’s really not all that much of it, so this is definitely one of those melty, cheesy pizzas you’re familiar with–this pizza marches to the beat of its own drum.

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Pizza

We’re always mildly bewildered that so many pizzas use 1/3 of the thing as a baseline serving size. Splitting a pizza into thirds is a bit more awkward than splitting it down the middle, and we always end up eating about a half a pizza anyway. Why isn’t a half the default?

So we had to break out a calculator and do a bit of simple math. One serving of this pizza has 240 calories (60 from fat), so that means a full pizza has 720 (180 from fat) and a half pizza has 360 (90 from fat). Sodium wise, a serving contains 300 mg, a whole pizza contains 900 mg, and a half contains 450 mg.

Obviously, a half pizza isn’t quite as healthy as the serving size might have you think before you do the math, but it’s still not bad. We don’t recommend eating a full pizza at once. That’s quite a bit of food!

The Sweet Earth Veggie Lover’s Pizza is a vegan-friendly masterpiece. Rich, flavorful ingredients top a tasty crust and a delicious sauce to make an incredible treat. We can’t recommend this highly enough — we really think you’re going to love this amazing pizza!

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Sweet Earth brand frozen pizza, check out our package scans below.

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Pizza

Sweet Earth Veggie Lover's Pizza

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