Red’s Egg & Cheddar Burrito Review

Red's Egg & Cheddar Burrito

We don’t expect our readers to know the origin story of Freezer Meal Frenzy (if you’re curious, it’s right here). But anyone who is familiar with our beginnings knows that we started off as a project that reviewed frozen burritos. So whenever we stumble over a frozen burrito that we haven’t tried before, we get pretty darn excited about it.

Case in point, the Red’s Egg and Cheese Burrito. We couldn’t wait to get this one home and into our mouths.

When it comes to frozen burritos, we sometimes stray from the instructions on the package. That’s not the case here. We followed the instructions to the letter, even though they’re fairly complex. You’ll want to take the burrito out of the package, microwave it (covered, mind you) for a minute, then stick it on a coated baking sheet and cook for 12-14 minutes at 375 degrees fahrenheit.

After all this, out popped our burrito, and it looked golden brown and toasty.

The eggs are actually kind of gross here. They’re chalky and gravelly, which is not what we’d expect from eggs at all, and they give the whole burrito sort of an unpleasant texture. We’ve had Red’s burritos in the past, and the egg wasn’t a problem for us then, so we’re not sure what went wrong here. You can see some of that gravelly texture in our image below.

Red's Egg & Cheddar Burrito

The cheese sauce, however, makes up for any of the eggs’ missteps, because this sauce is great. It’s an organic white cheddar cheese, and it’s loaded with flavor. And then there are the green peppers and jalapeños, which are also really good.

This burrito has a wheat wrap instead of your typical flour tortilla, which really adds some lovely natural flavor. Whoever orchestrated this combo knew what they were doing. It’s just too bad about those eggs…

This burrito contains 310 calories, which is not all that bad, though we doubt this burrito can be considered a meal on its own. If you end up eating two of these, you’re up to 620 calories. So now you’re looking at a great way to ruin a perfectly good diet.

Red’s Egg and Cheese Burrito is just okay. With some better eggs, this would have been a real winner. The cheese works really hard to elevate the quality of this burrito, but the eggs are kind of a bummer no matter how you slice it.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this frozen burrito, check out our package scans below.

Red's Egg & Cheddar Burrito

Red's Egg & Cheddar Burrito

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