Sweet Earth Herb Lover’s 5 Cheese Pizza Review

Sweet Earth Herb Lover's 5 Cheese Pizza

So far, we’ve really been enjoying Sweet Earth’s line of vegetarian pizzas. Both the Veggie Lover’s and the Truffle Lover’s pizzas were winners with the Freezer Meal Frenzy staff. So of course we were optimistic about the Sweet Earth Herb Lover’s 5 Cheese Pizza. With all those herbs and all that cheese, how could we go wrong?

We’ve said this before, but Sweet Earth’s pizzas aren’t designed for the microwave. You’ll have to preheat the oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit, then stick the pizza in for about 16 minutes. In the past, we’ve had to cook Sweet Earth pizzas for a little bit longer than the recommended time, but for this one, 16 minutes was the ticket. Our pizza came out toasty warm and crispy.

First, we need to point out that when Sweet Earth says this is an “herb lover’s” pizza, they aren’t kidding around. This thing is absolutely loaded with herbs.

Sweet Earth Herb Lover's 5 Cheese Pizza

So what are all these herbs? Well, to start with, there’s rosemary, parsley, and oregano. But then, things start getting pretty wild. This also has mint in it, which you’ll definitely taste — this has a minty fresh taste that we definitely weren’t expecting.

Now, there’s some non-herb stuff going on here as well. Expect to find red pepper flakes, garlic, and believe it or not, lemon. Yes, there’s lemon here to add a citrusy blast to that mint flavor we mentioned earlier. This really is a pizza you should prepare yourself for, otherwise you might be incredibly surprised at what you’re getting here.

For some reason, we were expecting a red sauce. That’s not what this is — it’s actually an herb-based pesto sauce. And yes, we realize that should have been obvious from the name, but we didn’t put two and two together until we actually cut it into slices. A red sauce would have given this a little bit of the sweetness we usually expect from a cheese pizza, so keep in mind that this element is missing here.

The box claims this has “crust that matters.” We’re not sure what that is supposed to mean exactly, but we will say the crust is very good. It has the perfect amount of crisp around the edges, yet the inside is still soft and warm. This crust is also made with rosemary, so even the crust is designed for herb lovers.

Sweet Earth Herb Lover's 5 Cheese Pizza

We always mention this whenever we review a full-size pizza, but we think it’s weird that a third of a pizza is the standard portion size instead of a half. A half is what we typically end up eating no matter what, so it would be nice to have the nutrition info divided up in halves. For our readers who agree with us on this, we’ve done the math.

One serving contains 330 calories (140 from fat), which means the full pizza has 990 calories (420 from fat), and a half pizza has 495 calories (210 from fat). There is 470 mg of sodium per serving, which comes out to 1,410 mg per pizza and 705 mg per half. As you can see, a half pizza is a little high in calories and contains an average amount of sodium for a frozen meal.

The Sweet Earth Herb Lover’s 5 Cheese Pizza is loaded with surprises. We weren’t expecting mint or lemon — in fact, we weren’t even expecting pesto sauce — but all that stuff is here. If you go into this one expecting something a bit weird rather than your typical cheese pizza, there’s a lot to love.

To learn more about the nutrition content or ingredients in this Sweet Earth pizza, check out our package scans below.

Sweet Earth Herb Lover's 5 Cheese Pizza

Sweet Earth Herb Lover's 5 Cheese Pizza

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